About Us

Maker's Shoes Company :

American Shoe Manufacturing Company based in Miami l, FL working with a congregation of some of the best craftsmanship talent around the world, offering you alll our experience and dedication to make high quality shoes at your service with the shortest production time in the industry. Makers Shoes strives to fulfill the expectations of all our clients. That’s way we work passionately everyday to create an extensive selection of trendy and comfortable collections.
We can design and manufacture shoes in textil, leather, vegan leather, and PVC . From comfort to fashion with outstanding quality. Wholesale & Private Label services with minimum or larger quantities. Contact us and let us take your vision to another level. We are ready to help your business grow.


Executives from Maker's Shoes Company.

Rodman Martinez


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Alexa Martinez

Design Chief

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Melissa Martinez

Administrative Chief

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Juliana Rojas

Marketing Consultant

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